Farm Worker CARE Coalition

Bringing together groups improving the living and working conditions of agricultural workers



Our mission is to bring together agencies and community based organizations dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of agricultural workers and their families in the North San Diego County region, through coordination, communication, advocacy, access, research, resources, empowerment and education.

The Farm Worker CARE Coalition empowers migrant farm workers to self-advocate for systemic change in the areas of healthcare and social services access. More than 100 farm workers have been trained as promotores/lideres. They are dedicated to changing the way their community interacts with society. The FWCC knows that this is true when the promotores independently book classroom space at Vista Community Clinic to train with the American Friends Service Committee to develop their advocacy skills. It is apparent when a promotora relates how she finally convinced a neighbor to leave her abusive husband and assisted her to access local shelter services, or when a migrant farm worker books an appointment at VCC and specifically requests an HIV test,diabetes screening, or a nutrition consultation.

The Farm Worker CARE Coalition identifies the health and social service needs of agricultural workers, creating a long-term sustainable partnership between farm worker families, government agencies, and non-profit service organizations committed to workin