Paving Great Futures

Providing individuals with the necessary tools for financial freedom through entrepreneurship training, business development, and culinary job training.


Our vision is to create a self-sufficient organization that stimulates economic growth through programs and social enterprise intended to expose individuals to different economic and business opportunities. Our intent is to create a path to financial sustainability while stimulating social change through community involvement.

Individuals living in underserved areas of San Diego are in dire need of a chance to change their reality. Barriers to opportunity are ever-present. Dangerous activities such as gang involvement, drug dealing, drug and alcohol use, and human sex trafficking are all too common. Understanding these experiences first hand, the founders of Paving Great Futures found a solution to these challenges. Paving Great Futures was created to do just that, “pave the way” for prosperity and growth. By reaching back into their communities and bringing time, energy, and resources, Paving Great Futures provides the chance to uplift both the individual and the community, positioning both for positive outcomes.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the community through personal economic development.