Employee Rights Center

Offering all San Diego area workers education and advocacy



The ERC offers all San Diego area workers, especially disadvantaged workers without union representation, education and advocacy regarding their workplace, health and immigration issues.

The San Diego area is home to large immigrant worker populations from three very different parts of the world: (1) Mexico & Latin America, (2) Southeast Asia and (3) East Africa. They all share a common problem of limited access to services and resources even when they qualify for them. They need education and assistance to access benefits like paid family medical leave, state disability insurance, or health related clinical services. Finally, they need education and training about their rights to safe and healthy work and community environments to achieve full integration into their new community.
Since its inception in 1999 the Employee Rights Center has provided the only non-profit outreach to low-income workers in San Diego County who lack union representation to provide them education and advocacy regarding their rights.

The ERC is the only non-profit organization in the area that offers educational, advocacy and legal services to workers regardless of their immigration or employment status.